Faiza Mujahid Exclusive Interview with Fashion Central

Monday, 25 July 2011

1. How did you start your musical journey? 

Khawar Jawad (producer/composer) and I were working on a song in 2005, the now famous Bandeya Ho, for which he had wanted my English vocals. The song got acknowledged by Mr. Shoaib Mansoor and that is how my musical journey started. I was always inclined towards singing as it runs in my family but I never knew that I would consider it as a profession. 

2. What motivated you to write “Meri Zindagi”?

After getting such a huge break there were a lot of expectations from me. I’ve learnt a lot from this industry in the last 5 years and not only matured as a person but also as a musician.  Taking a break from singing in between and working as a programming producer at Radio 1 FM 91 allowed me to gain more perpective as an artist of the music I wanted to make that was original to me and I also realised during this period that I had burgeoning need to make music again! I was going through a rough patch as everyone does in their 20’s about making important decisions and discovering where they stand in life. Meri Zindagi is a reflection of my journey. 

see myself excelling globally as a Pakistani musician.


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