Quick and Easy Tips to Repair Scratches on Leather Furniture

Monday, 25 July 2011

Leather is a pure material and therefore, it requires proper care and treatment regularly if you wish to haveleather furniture. We have few suggestions to remove scratches from leather furniture.
Maintenance can be quite a task for stuff like hand knotted carpets, wooden floors and leather furniturebut we have made protection of leather furniture simpler for you by just following some very easy and doable tips at home.
  • Manufacturer’s Help
Most of the good manufacturers of leather furnitureoffer lifetime or at least more than 1 year service and maintenance facilities. The best way for you is to call them and take their help in order to get rid of any scratches or spots that might have appeared on your leather furniture. They have special chemicals and treatments that easily remove the scratches and spots from your leather furniture.
  • Use Different Oils
If you want to repair the scratches and spots yourself then the best chemical for you is either to use baby oil, saddle oil or olive oil on you leather furniture. Take an ear bud or a cotton bud and dampen it with any of these oils. Rub it on the scratches of your leather furniture for a little while until the scratch is removed. If the scratch from the leather furniture is not removed then repeat rubbing the cotton bud a few more times. It actually works!
  • Use a Cotton Cloth
Using cotton cloth is another good technique to get rid of scratches on leather furniture. Just take a piece of clean cotton cloth and soak it in water for some time. Then after some time, take it out and place it on the scratches of your leather furniture for a while. You will notice that the scratches will vanish as leather is a pure material and it will absorb all the moisture from the dampened cotton cloth.
  • Matching Shoe Polish
If you think that the scratches on your leather furniture are too stubborn to go away with any of these tricks then simply take help from a matching shoe polish. Take a cotton bud, rub it in polish and then onto the scratches of your leather furniture. After that, buff the surface with a clean cotton cloth and see if the scratch on the leather furniture has been camouflaged or not. If the color of your leather furniture is darker then repeat the step twice of thrice.
  • Use Iron with Cotton Cloth
Place a clean cotton cloth on the scratches of your leather furniture and then place a warm iron on it for 10-15 seconds. After it remove the iron and the cloth and see if the scratch has been removed from the leather furniture or not. If it doesn’t remove then repeat the step twice or thrice.


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